Engineering design methodologies are rapidly changing in last few years. Designs are being developed in more collaborative environments taking advantage of relational designing, contextual designing and knowledge based design methodologies. These technologies could only be productive in a proper implementation of “Product Lifecycle Management" solutions. PLM solutions are changing from 3D CAD file management to model management, relationship management and product structure management.

EDMP can help their customers to make this transition smooth without compromising on productivity. EDMP’s PLM group provides end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management services from concept to production planning. Our experience in Implementing latest, Engineering Design and Manufacturing Planning tools for global players to local suppliers help us to provide long-term solutions to our customers. Our phased approach helps to understand the value of the change and prioritize the solution implementation to ensure effective ROI of new processes. We can ensure our customer's success by providing augmented services like training and placement etc.

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What is PLM?

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the business activity of managing, in the most effective way, a company’s products all the way across their lifecycles; from the very first idea for a product all the way through until it’s retired and disposed of. The objective of PLM is to increase product revenues, reduce product-related costs, maximize the value of the product portfolio, and maximize the value of current and future products for both customers and shareholders.

Importance of PLM

Use of the term PLM implies that the activity of managing products across the lifecycle is clearly-defined, well-documented, proactive, and carried out according to a particular design. It’s carried out to meet specific objectives of increasing product revenues, reducing product-related costs, maximizing the value of the product portfolio, and maximizing the value of current and future products for both customers and shareholders.

A PLM Project

A PLM Project, or PLM Initiative, is a project to put in place, or improve, the capability to manage products across their lifecycle. Most companies involved in product development, manufacturing and/or support will have a PLM Project between 2010 and 2020. This could be for one of many reasons. One of these, looking backwards, is that there were so many changes between 1985 and 2010, that it’s time to overhaul the company’s operations to be sure they correspond to the new environment. Another one, looking forwards, is that the company wants to position itself better for the future. To take advantage of the opportunities of globalization, it may need to improve its product deployment capability and its capability to deploy products globally. Another reason could be a recognition that the company has been informally managing products across the lifecycle, but it’s now time to do it formally.


One of the reasons that Product Lifecycle Management emerged in the early years of the twenty-first century is that the environment in which products were managed became increasingly complex. And to make matters worse, the environment underwent frequent changes.

Opportunities of Globalization

Globalization can have many effects on a company, even a small one. One positive effect is that, because of globalization, it now has the opportunity to sell its products and services worldwide. It has the opportunity to find many new customers and increase sales. Another effect of globalization is that even small and medium-sized companies now have competitors all over the world. And they may find that these competitors bring out similar products, but with better cost/performance than their own models. The result of the increased competition is that companies have to be more innovative, develop better products, develop them faster and develop them at lower cost.

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